Cinnamon Bey - Beruwala

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

Nestled along the beach facing the Indian Ocean, Cinnamon Bey is located in Beruwala on the south west coast of Sri Lanka. It marks the first Muslim settlement on the Island, established by the Arab traders around the eighth century AD. It is this rich heritage that has influenced the design of this resort featuring a modern Moorish style and décor. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala was named with reference to this history and is the term used to address the provincial nobleman of the Ottoman Empire.

Chaaya Tranz - Hikkaduwa

Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa

Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa is a lavish resort that combines the avant-garde with absolute comfort. Engage with your soul whilst exploring the coral reef, adventure in one of the best places in the world to sight whales and release your nocturnal spirit living it up – Hikka style! Experience the true authenticity of Hikkaduwa, the surfing, snorkelling and nightlife, at the island’s well known bohemian utopia.

Stardust Beach Hotel - Arugam Bay

Stardust Beach Hotel - Arugam Bay

The Stardust lies on Arugam Bay on the South East coast of Sri Lanka, idyllically situated by the water. A large lagoon is to one side, where wild elephants congregate for an evening shower. On the other, the gardens in front of the restaurant open directly on to the broad sweep of Arugam Bay and the Indian Ocean - many miles of pristine tropical beaches deserted but for the clusters of fishermen's boats dotted here and there, and little thatched villages huddled just above the waterline, where small children jump up and down and scream with excitement at the sight of a visitor.